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Faits main de manière éthique
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Processus de filage, tissage & finissage opérés localement en Transylvanie

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"The founder of De IONESCU is shaking up the menswear scene with highly tailored suits that are 100% handmade from hemp fibers in Transylvania, following a “neo-ethnic” approach."

"The legend of Romanian hemp crossed Europe, then Asia and reached India, where the history of the longest hemp thread is still preserved today."

"De IONESCU revives Romanian hemp offering the world's most organic suits."

"De IONESCU combines classic style with a modern twist."

De IONESCU is a 100% Romanian brand, whose founder is Ionut Rus and which, in addition to its undeniable entrepreneurial qualities, realized the extraordinary potential of a national, long forgotten resource: hemp.

A young man from Transylvania wants to revive a forgotten industry based on a controversial plant. De IONESCU, the story of a business becoming a life project.

“Romanian fashion house De IONESCU offers 100% hemp suits whose fabric is locally processed in a traditional way."

"De IONESCU is the ideal companion for your everyday life: elegant, casual, and official."

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