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Jose and Elizabeth’s Wedding

Jose and Elizabeth are like two subatomic particles that were looking to reconnect ever since the Big Bang.

They succeeded it on November 23, 2019, in Puerto Rico.

Their story is inspiring, their love is genuine.

Jose is rebel, a misfit, an outsider, a bona fide hempster wearing a funky beard and dreadlocks, while Elizabeth is kind and funny, a well-mannered and well-spoken Lady.

We enjoyed the exclusive privilege of assisting Jose in selecting a fine hemp jacket that would best mirror his style at the wedding.

One of his requests was most intriguing and refreshing to us: he wanted to have this personal chest tattoo – a motif symbolizing the power of his ancestors from Puerto Rico – embroidered on the inside of the suit jacket.

Our warmest congratulations guys and may your love flourish enternally!

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