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Meditations on Hemp

A true urban classic collection

Inspired by the fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper, we worked all summer to come out with a new collection that still respects our mission of making old new again. But this time our inspiration took a different turn

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Jose and Elizabeth’s Wedding

Jose and Elizabeth are like two subatomic particles that were looking to reconnect ever since the Big Bang. They succeeded it on November 23, 2019, in Puerto Rico. Their story is inspiring, their love is genuine. Jose is rebel, a

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Count Dracula in Hemp Clothing

Because we handcraft each suit from scratch, here in Transylvania, we are frequently asked: ”Is it true that vampires sew your hemp suits? Because I want to get what Dracula wears!” Well, of course! The bloody legend is one of

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Romanian Hemp vs Chinese Hemp

There’s a viral post going around these days regarding an American clothing brand that ”found a way to make hemp feel like cotton”. I feel like sharing some thoughts on this. To start with, you do not want your hemp

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Morning Thought

It’s a continuous source of awe for me and I find it absolutely ridiculous how people prefer purchasing products that have a hemp leaf or tag on them, when in reality they’re made out of a mix of hemp, cotton,

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Romanian Hemp Suits – Fan Video

Some months ago I had the privilege of having a beautiful conversation with Mr. Riel Roussopoulos from Canada. This knowledgeable gentleman was genuinely curious about our hemp processing technology and showed sympathy for our cause. Some weeks later, he decided to create

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