Meditations on Hemp

hemp farmer life

The Life of the Hemp Farmer

One of the reasons that American farmers were unable to produce enough hemp to satisfy England and their own colonial needs was the scarcity and high cost of labor needed to harvest the crop. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

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cannabis comes to the new world

Cannabis Comes to the New World

Cannabis finally makes way into the New World, just in time to cast England’s spotlight upon it.  Like her greedy European neighbours, England eyed the New World as well.   Spain’s conquistadors were sending a stream of gold and silver

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witch halloween hemp

Is Hemp The Brew of Witches?

Away from the hustle and bustle of the major urban centers, in the relative peace and serenity of the countryside or in the wretched shacks that housed the unskilled city dwellers, where superstition passed for truth, where magic and sorcery

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French Hemp Crops

A Little Bit of Hemp Magic?

  With Hemp being on the list of Magical Plants across the world, it is only fitting to talk a little about Myths, Legends and Rituals that people from different countries used to perform in order to ensure their Hemp

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How much do you really know about Ukraine?

How much do you actually know about Ukraine?   This question might have been one that echoed in your mind in the last couple of days, “thanks to” what is happening today.  Ukraine is home to the first constitution in

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Scheherazade and hashish

Scheherazade and The Tale of The Hashish Eater

Every culture has some kind of escape hatch, take it as a breath of “fresh air”  or a bite of “hashish” in order to cope with the realities of everyday existence. For over a thousand years, hashish has been this

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