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How much do you really know about Ukraine?

How much do you actually know about Ukraine?   This question might have been one that echoed in your mind in the last couple of days, “thanks to” what is happening today.  Ukraine is home to the first constitution in

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Scheherazade and hashish

Scheherazade and The Tale of The Hashish Eater

Every culture has some kind of escape hatch, take it as a breath of “fresh air”  or a bite of “hashish” in order to cope with the realities of everyday existence. For over a thousand years, hashish has been this

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hashish and arabs

Hashish and the Arabs

  So what about Hashish and the Arabs? (you might wonder) The Arab countries are hot. Hot and dusty. But mainly hot. It is only in recent times that a privileged few have found some respite from the heat through

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hemp in egypt


Moving on with the pursuit of Hemp around the world, we shall explore the remaining relevant parts and countries of Asia, besidies China, Japan and India, all of which you can find in our previous articles. India was not the

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Aryans hemp in india

INDIA: The First Marijuana-Oriented Culture

Moving on to a different culture in order to explore its early connections with Marijuana. Today, we know that India, officially known as the Republic of India, is a country located in South Asia. It is the seventh largest country

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hemp goddess

A Chinese Legend of Hemp

  During the course of its long history in China, hemp found its way into almost every nook and cranny of Chinese life. It clothed the Chinese from their heads to their feet, it gave them material to write on,

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