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Meditations on Hemp

A Game of Tones for Fall – #NavyBlue

Autumn dear, We wrap this year, With a shade that completes the set, Navy is what we present.     Navy Blue, at the time of its first use in 1748 in the British Navy, it was actually referred to

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A Game of Tones for Fall – #Beige

Moving on to the warmer shade of all, Beige is one that made the cut this Fall!   Moving on with more Earthy tones, ones that actually stood out as inspiration for the creation of our EARTH Collection, it’s time

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A Game of Tones for Fall 21 – #Black

Make way for the one and only King of shades, Black is what always remains!   The one colour that was, is and will remain forever in trends, because no matter what will happen, Black will never ever get out of

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Menswear Color Trend

A Game of Tones for Fall 21 – #Khaki

Autumn, dear, Now, that leaves will fall, Choose a Khaki colour of them all!   We don’t say that trends should always be followed, but you should at least be updated on what’s happening in the Fashion world this season.

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Cannabis in Ancient China

Cannabis in Ancient China

Much of what we already know (so far, at least) about the early history of Cannabis comes all the way back from China, the place where this plant became super popular with the rise of Chinese civilization. There are many

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human-cannabis relationship

A new day in the Kingdom of Cannabis

  Like most traditional people, from both past and present times, early humans knew their immediate environment quite intimate enough through various experiences and diverse information passed on orally starting with their ancestors.  It took me my entire teenage years

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Women of Cannabis

How Women Basically Found Cannabis

Women played some important parts during history, this is one of the reasons we celebrate and love them today, but did you know that Women were actually the ones who stumbled upon this plant we love and care for that

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