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Meditations on Hemp

hemp versus synthetic fibers

Hemp versus Synthetic Fibers

If you love the world we live in, choose natural fibers over synthetic fibers. Why? For so many reasons, but let’s dive into this matter, right this instance!   In the last century, natural fibers have been replaced by synthetics

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hemp clothing

How To Care for Hemp Clothing?

Now that you got your environment friendly hemp clothing, you might be wondering how to wash it without ruining it. Does hemp clothing shrink? Can you wash it as you would with regular cotton clothing? Should it be air dried,

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hemp versus linen

Hemp or Linen? Choose the Villain

Hemp versus Linen – Round 1   Hemp and linen are two natural fibers, both with long histories and a super wide variety of uses. How much do you really know about them? If it came down to choosing, would

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Hemp Waistcoat

A Hemp Waistcoat To Go!

Hemp Waistcoats for the Summer!   When it comes to Waistcoats, there can be so many options and styles! All you have to do is pick one to go with your mood. Single-breasted, double-breasted, silk, hemp, tweed or brocade, you

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Hemp Crop

Hemp Myth versus Hemp Truth

Hemp Myth or Hemp Truth, how much do you know about this crop? We’ve heard a bunch of fictional stories about Hemp from people all over the world, so this article comes in order to set the record straight. Ready

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hemp denim jacket

Summer in Hemp Clothing!

Have you heard about hemp clothing? Trick question! Of course you’ve heard, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?    Some of you might be the lucky fashionable owners of a garment signed by De IONESCU at this particular moment. Some

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Black Hemp Tie

A Hemp Tied Tie And A Bucket List

Well, as you might have noticed if you’ve read our articles, many fashionable items became alive during certain Kings and Queens Reign or in the middle of the battlefield for those who have a little army heritage like the Safari

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