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Morning Thought

by Ionuț Rus

It’s a continuous source of awe for me and I find it absolutely ridiculous how people prefer purchasing products that have a hemp leaf or tag on them, when in reality they’re made out of a mix of hemp, cotton, spandex and whatnot.

These people have been bamboozled through propaganda, unresearched facts, marketing campaigns and images of Founding Fathers’ quotes, by some self-important, arrogant and hypocrites, who pose as natural advocates, dedicating their lives to saving this old crop.

They don’t care about the plant. They don’t!

They care about money. If tomorrow cactuses will prove to be more profitable and cooler, they’ll jump in that boat as fast as words could fly.

We live in the new California Gold Rush.

So, I say this to all of you and please, spread the good news around, stop buying all the flimflam rubbish with a hemp picture on it! And if you still do it – driven by your hedonistic consumerism –, then don’t pretend to be the guardian angel of hemp.

Better learn how to carefully screen what you buy.

Buy less, buy better and make it last.

And to all people that want to save the hemp plant, I’ll paraphrase George Carlin, ”The hemp is fine, the people are fucked!”




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