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Ionuț Rus


De IONESCU was born from our love for hemp and out of devotion to the dreamers, the outsiders and the modern day hobos.

Celebrating imperfection as the new aesthetic of beauty, and embracing the pioneering spirit, we are here to tackle fast fashion’s status quo, to honor the organic rebellion and to celebrate sustainability, thus inspiring a positive change to life on earth.

As children of this Bytes & Silicon Age, we believe that our mission dwells in adapting the archaic values  to the modern ambiance, on the same old principle, like the Poet once said:

”Other masks, same play repeated;

Different tongues, same words to hear;”

Hence, we dream up to weave a new reality by reviving one of the most cherished, and perhaps blasphemous, legacies of our ancestors – the hemp plant.

Having a millennial history on Romanian soil, archaeobotanical evidences reporting it since the Neolithic period, being processed by the early Thracian tribes from Dacia and elevated to an art level during Communism, this green grass has enjoyed a true carousel experience: from a divine grace status to the seal of the devil, from the token of normalicy to the badge of resistance and from its quintessence in the peasant’s household to a mere taboo in our contemporary urban jungle.

Fortunately, as it happens with seasons and life, in general, hemp actuality is cyclical. Moreover, in the light of today’s events: record carbon emissions, progressive global warming, accelerated burning of fossil fuels and hazardous deforestation, hemp re-vitalization becomes an impetuously necessary element for our planet’s future.

For such reasons, we have opted – as a brand blazon – for another sacred symbol of our indigenous folklore, namely, the cuckoo bird; the libertine and the rebellious bird, the eternal wanderer who never makes a nest of his own and a central figure of the Eternal Recurrence, the cuckoo bird is our totemic animal under whose wing we wish to revive and reinvigorate the Romanian hemp. 

Supporting the local artisans and working with responsible manufacturers – De IONESCU’s apparel being entirely handcrafted by Romanian cloths and hands –, our vision consists of developing ethically and harmoniously the whole value chain of hemp: from crop to shop, from the green grass in the field to your garnished clothing.

Invoking a bohemian, authentic and neo-ethnic style, we devote our artistry and delicacy to create timeless garments , for the eternally young hearts of those who still believe in the natural flawed beauty.


100% eco friendly

Hemp does not require any pesticides, insecticides or fungicides to grow, giving birth to a 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable fiber that represents an environmentally sound choice for the future of our planet.

The Super Fiber

Hemp fiber is a wonder of nature, being stronger than cotton, warmer than linen, more ecologically friendly than bamboo and a better absorbent than nylon.

Top-Notch Cloth

Being the most durable and – with the exception of ”spider-silk” – the strongest out of all natural fibers, hemp fabric stands the test of time, keeping its shape well over the years.

Ages beautifully

Much more than that, just like wine, hemp cloth becomes better with time, because each wash brings only more softness, freshness and youthfulness to it.

The Secret Is In The Breathing

Hemp fabric offers an admirable breathability, having – due to its porous nature – the distinctive capacity to naturally thermoregulate the body, thus keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Trusted Partner

Hemp fabric is especially great for personal hygiene because it absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, keeping the body dry and preventing unwanted odours. This makes hemp clothes a reliable teammate for travellers and wanderers.

It’s Hypoallergenic Too

For those of you with a sensitive skin or susceptible to severe allergic reactions, hemp fabric gives you the eye, for it is a seductive sartorial remedy due to its non-irritating qualities and ability to handle a healthy relationship with any skin type.

Effective UV Protection

For those of you unfriendly with the sun, hemp fabric protects and helps you to freely (and stylishly) enjoy activities in the sun, because it filters naturally the sun rays protecting your skin against ultraviolet (UV) radiations.

Antibacterial performance

Hemp fabric is great for personal health, being resistant to moths, insects, mites, mold, abrasions and salt water; basically, it never wears out. This is why grandpa’s hemp clothes from his WWII wardrobe are still wearable – and what a personal magnetism they confer you…

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