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Romanian Hemp vs Chinese Hemp

by Ionuț Rus

There’s a viral post going around these days regarding an American clothing brand that ”found a way to make hemp feel like cotton”.

I feel like sharing some thoughts on this.

To start with, you do not want your hemp clothes to feel like cotton. In the same way, you don’t want your Ferrari to feel like a Dacia (no offense) or you don’t want apples to taste like tomatoes. You want hemp to feel like hemp.

Second, if you created a 69% cotton – 31% hemp product, that shouldn’t be called a hemp item, nor a ”hemp collection” if you have more of them. Gentleman tip: don’t mix single malt whiskey with coke. A hemp product is (only) made out of 100% hemp fiber.

Third, there’s a scientific explanation. Heavy chemicals are used in the Chinese hemp fiber processing to cottonize the fiber. In other words, they destroy the integrity of the hemp fiber, so it could fit into their cotton machineries.

Here in Transylvania, we have a machine-intensive and chemical-free technological flux. We process the hemp fiber using the traditional technology, preserving the fiber and working with 2 meters long fibers. Thus, we are able to offer a stronger and more organic hemp fabric.

You want your hemp clothes to feel like actual hemp?

Then order now your 100% pure hemp suit from deionescu.com


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