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Vintage Hemp Placemat

100% hemp


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This vintage hand loomed hemp placemat is an extremely versatile way to add a more refined look to your corner of delicious dishes. 

The hemp was sown in the Mediaș county (Transylvania), in the second half of the 20th century, most probably in the month April. Twelve weeks later, after the plant matured, its beautiful leaves turned gloriously green. Then, the women in the village pulled each plant individually, by hand, until they had a handful of them, which they called it mănușă

Afterwards, the hemp was retted in the running water of a small brook, with heavy rocks placed above the mănuși, to hold them down. This is how they got that light yellowish color of the clean hemp fibers and why the Romanian hemp was called ”the golden fiber of Romania”. 

And so the hemp was first dried in the sun, before the braking stage took place, usually on a sunny day with low humidity, using an original 19th Century tool called meliță. Later on, the carding stage began, using another 19th century tool named piepteni, made out of wood with iron teeth. 

The spinning was normally done in late autumn and winter, using a distaff that the woman holds between her knees and feet. She moistens the hemp fibers with saliva and holds the spindle between her thumb and first two fingers on the interior side, and forefinger and middle fingers on the outside. 

For this product, the skein hemp yarn was bleached before weaving, using a traditional method, with ashes and water. 

All the above process is no longer practiced, as this knowledge was known by a generation of women now in their 80s and 90s and it was no transmitted to the younger generation that moved into cities when Communism took over and industrialized the country. 

This product is a Limited Edition that comes with the guarantee of a lifetime of use in your household. It’s full of life and good energy. Using your imagination, the options become limitless when it comes to its uses. 

All the above information was subtracted from the 2006 article ”Research on Traditional Technology of Hemp Fibers in Apuseni Mountains, Romania” by the dr. Florica Zaharia.

  • Lots of good vibes and positive energy
  • Measurements: 27cm x 45cm (10,63″ x 17,71″)

  • Composition: Hand loomed Hemp
  • Weight: N/A
  • Metric fineness number of the yarn (m/g): Nm = N/A
  • Naturally Bleached
  • Country of Origin: Romania

Wash at 40° C using mild biodegradable detergent
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Hang to dry
Iron to regain the shape using the steam iron

Respect For Workers
Fair Trade
 100% Vegan
Ethically Made In Transylvania

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