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Soviet STB Machinery Weaving Pure Hemp Fibers (Romania, 2020)

We salute all of you, modern and noble ”social bandits” during these strange times!

In what seems to be a classical Robin Hood tale – essentially a peasant rebellion against landlords and other usurers, nowadays called Trumpism and right-wing populism – we wished you to remain vigilant, determined and witty.

Naturally, as pears attract wasps, we are here to attract hemp enthusiasts.

Today, we want to present you a Soviet STB machinery – still functioning in our country – weaving pure hemp fibers. The metric finesse number of the yarn here is 10/1, that is to say, the length in meters corresponding to 1 gram.

We intend to use this hemp fabric for De IONESCU’s autumn jacket collection, which, we hope, will coalesce the old and new into something funky, unique and stylish.

And we’ll stay true to our faith – 100% hemp, no blends –, simply because you don’t mix champagne with sparkling water.

Till’ next time, enjoy it and stay in the know.

And to all you social bandits keep fighting injustice with open-handedness and courtesy!




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